Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Department of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, University of Auckland
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Department of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, University of Auckland

MEDSCI 722 presentations

Presentations will be held in October (see Timetable). 

The session will start promptly at 10:05 am. Presentations will be limited to the allocated times (see below).

Students are asked to deliver a 5 minute presentation on their essay topic. The talk should focus on what was the most interesting thing discovered in the critical review of the datasheet.

Powerpoint slides should be used. Questions will be encouraged from the audience.

Powerpoint presentations must be received by Dr Holford by email (n.holford@auckland.ac.nz) no later than 7:30 am on the day of the presentation via email.

Please note that strict timing will be necessary to give everyone a chance to talk. Talks will be stopped after 5 minutes to allow 5 minutes for questions.

Five out of 25 marks allocated for the coursework assessment will be based on the oral presentation.

All students are expected to attend both presentation sessions.

One question in the final exam will be related to the material in the coursework critical review and may include discusssion during the presentation session.

Marks will be based on:

  1. Relevance of presentation to the requested focus
  2. Organisation of presentation material
  3. Familiarity with drug and datasheet
  4. Effective use of time
  5. Response to questions
Please be prepared to give a Powerpoint presentation and respond to questions.
The date and time of your presentation is shown below. There will be a short  break at 10:55.
[Note dates and times will be posted within one week prior to the presentation date]

Presentations on Friday 8 Oct 2021

   UoA ID         Name                                  Time    Topic
 2 1486217        Ruoxi Li                              10:15    warfarin
 3 530963885    Ying Zhai                            10:25    warfarin
 4 316486731    Vidarshi Illangamudalige      10:35    esketamine
 5 549917200    Ashwarya Garg                   10:45    glibenclamide
                         --- break ---
 6 385662321    Ha Linh Nguyen                  11:05    gentamicin

Presentations on Friday 15 Oct 2021
  8 2379122      Hafsa Al-Saadoon                  10:05   phenytoin
  9 4660823      Ann-Marie Lushai-Wang        10:15   diclofenac
10 654472005  Xin Wang                               10:25   levothyroxine
11 265804866  Christine Sutton                       10:35   lamotrigine
                         --- break ---
12 8580628       Garcia Vailahi                        10:45  lithium
13 700144146   Victoria Toms                        11:05  ivermectin
14 2748303       Wanessa Sarmento                11:15  unknown
15 131275639    Callum McGaw                    11:25  unknown